Bridges to Prosperity comes to Uganda.

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is an International Non Governmental Organization (Non-Profit) which assists isolated communities in collaboration with Ministry of Works & Transport in particular MELTC obtaining access to essential health care, education, and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers. B2P has built more than 250 bridges in 20 countries around the world, and recently expanded into Uganda.

B2P and MoWT began fieldwork and meetings in October 2016 to investigate a potential partnership and carry out a rapid needs assessment. The MoU was fully signed by both parties to the partnership on 11th August 2017. The partnership aims to tackle poor and inefficient connectivity in isolated rural communities, especially those in hilly terrain which are highly susceptible to natural calamities e.g seasonal floods. The current lack of bridges can increase travel times and the cost of mobility to access resources. By constructing cable to demonstrate ability to produce good quality work meeting the set standards by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The Centre at this stage evaluates the trainees with other independent assessors being awarded certificates. Trial contract evaluation by MELTC in collaboration with the respective District officials undertake contract evaluation during the implementation period of the Trial contract. The contractor staff is


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Kikuyu Suspension Cable Bridge

Bridges to Prosperity- @B2P and Mount Elgon Labour Based Training Center (MELTC) have handed over to the community the just completed Kikuyu